What are fairies? Where do these creatures come from? How do they look like? Where do you see them? Do they really even exist? Are they good are they bad? These are probably some of the questions that every kid or even a wanderer like you has in mind. The truth is, no one really knows if these creatures really do exist, however, fairies continue to be an important element of our imagination.

According to some research, fairies are defined as supernatural beings and spirits that can either be good or bad. These supernatural beings reside in a place somewhere between the heaven and earth.

Other people believe that fairies are mythical beings that possess magical powers and are said to appear in different forms being dressed in different customs.

One strange fact about fairy stories is that fairies as well as trolls, goblins and others have one thing in common no matter if they are good or bad. And that is they require people while in their presence not to speak the name or God or even make the sign of the cross. This fact made a lot of people consider fairies as demons or witches who uses different demonic powers.